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Decorating home offices

It is becoming more and more common for people to work out of their homes. Creating a home office space can be a challenge of integrating required technical equipment with efficient storage space. Both of these items need to be addressed while at the same time decorating your home office in a manner that will make it a pleasing area to work that is efficient and well lighted.

Sound overwhelming? Let's take it one step at a time, starting with storage options.


Having adequate storage is the key to having an efficient workspace that is not cluttered. Choose furnishings that can perform double duty jobs like an armoire that can store files and house the media equipment at the same time. If you home office needs to accommodate drop in houseguests you may need to decorate around a hide-a-bed couch as well.

Computers, faxes and scanner equipment is a necessity for home offices. Center your decorated and storage budget around suitable housing for those items. Some desks and work centers allow the computer to be concealed inside the glass desk top or have built in cabinet doors to close when not in use. A roll top desk is an attractive alternative for the computer center as well.

Try and integrate office technology with the style of your home by choosing storage options that look more like furniture than stark office equipment. For example, I chose stackable wicker and wire file baskets instead of purchasing a cold, metal, filing cabinet. Waste paper baskets are another item that is available in a wide variety of colors and materials that can soften a utility workspace. Use large screens to disguise unsightly equipment.


Warmth can be quickly added to your workspace with well placed lighting options. An adjustable desktop lamp can look decorative and inviting while reducing glare to your computer screen.

Make sure you do not close yourself off to the outside world. Choose window shade and fabric treatments that allow you to control the amount of light into your workspace. Use soft, translucent window shades to reduce glare but give you a view outdoors.


Have fun decorating your space. After all there are not any corporate rules to follow - you are the boss! Include some of your personality into the decorative furnishings and colors. Strive for a look that is somewhere between residential and commercial by choosing patterns that are soothing and warm rather than harsh, stark or cold.

Choosing a base color the rest of the home is decorated with can help tie your office to the residential part of the house. You may choose to paint the walls in a darker tone than the rest of the home or add a glazing technique over the top to promote the reflection of additional light. Don't be afraid to use lots of wood molding or rich wallpaper. Hang inspiring artwork or use mirrors to reflect any interested focal point of the room to keep your energy flowing while you work. Large houseplants or trailing vines in a basket can also help bring nature in to your office space.

An overstuffed chair and ottoman can not only add a space to read up on a report or review your work but can add an inviting look to your room. Add a chenille throw or a couple of pillows to create a cozy warm setting.

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